Best New Android Games 2021

Best new Android game 2021:

This is another brilliant week for the newly released, not only because the two games on this list are set in space.
We have The Gathering Arena, which is the highly anticipated mobile port of PC games, which itself is one of the best physical card players ever.
We will not give out the “Game of the Week Award”, but if we win this week, it will be Bart Bonte’s pink color. Pink is another exquisite and elegant jigsaw puzzle in the color series, including blue, green, and red and yellow.
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New game: 2021
Magic: Meeting Place
Since its launch this week, Magic: The Gathering Arena is still available in Early Access, rather than being used appropriately. This is the most noble combat power of the masterpiece of “Witcher Coast”. The comments on the site indicate trouble, but it’s worth a look.
Micetopia has appeared on other platforms, and its performance in key aspects is pretty good. There is no denying that the arthropod of this stray animal is very cute. Its pixel art little mouse hero ran around and killed other small animals with a sword. But this is a short number. Even so, we think it is worth trying the market for rapid and shallow methotrexate events.
Infinite Kingdom
Youzu’s latest work is a cartoon-style strategic MMO, in which you play the master of defending his kingdom from evil dwarfs. Is it original? not really. But this is a reliable strategy game with good production value and beautiful graphic style. If you are looking for a new free MMO market, then it is a good starting point.
Galaxy Genome
Galaxy Genome is an ambitious space trader from SKV Games. Because humanity is facing existential threats from unknown sources, it is deeply buried in interstellar space. You are a brave pilot, transporting contraband, evading the law, and usually trying to live a sacred or sinful life in the darkness of space. Obviously, it has more than 2 billion star system, and early user reviews are also excellent.
Dragon Quest
After successfully running in Japan, Square Enix’s “Dragon Quest” has become ubiquitous. In the game, you will have friendship, training and battle with a group of monsters drawn from the “Dragon Quest” mission series. The early reviews are very general, but there is no denying that Dragon Quest Tact is a gorgeous and vibrant mobile game.
The launch of a new color-based Bart Bonte puzzle game is always worth celebrating. This time, the developer chose pink. Each of the 50 pink levels has its own logic and rules, and these logic and rules will never be explained, forcing you to experiment and modify. As always, user reviews are not in this world. Must play.
Stellar Hunter
You wait for space games all day, and then two appear at a time. Galaxy Genome that joined the space science fiction genre last week is Stellar Hunter, which is an RPG with rogue elements. You play the role of the only survivor of the space crash, and every time you drill you will see you visit strange planets, recruit crew and make choices. In other words, it is a bit like FTL.

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