Call of Duty Mobile Season 1 New Order update

Call of Duty Mobile Season 1 New Order update is here, check what’s new

The first major update of this year’s Call of Duty Mobile has finally arrived. As mentioned earlier, the new update assigns Timer 1 to Season 1 because it made Season 13 a success, which is the latest update released in 2020.
The latest season 1 of the new “Obligation” brings a new multiplayer map, expanded multiplayer game mode, new weapons and updated Battle Royal game mode. You can also expect to receive various newly acquired rewards and Battle Pass content.
New map: search in Call Of Duty
Call of Duty season 1 introduced a new map called Recall. The user is located in the holiday shopping center and can fight enemies on the street or above. The recall is a small and medium-sized map.
The large coverings on both sides of the siege obstructed the visibility of the higher floors and provided excellent covering in the middle of the map. Sulabh’s shop on the ground floor provided more opportunities to cover and capture enemies.
New multiplayer game mode: The first season of Call of Duty Mobile introduced new 3v3 firearm commands and 20 disadvantages.
New Royal War Mode: The latest update brings the Blitz map to War Royal players. In a fast-paced game, 40 players were promised.
Other new features: Comes with an updated battle pass, which provides 50 additional free and advanced content, including new characters, new weapons, blueprints, magic, etc.
At the level 21, users can unlock two new weapons, including FR. 556. There is a new operation skill-14th level gravity vortex gun, strategies such as Flashbang grenade-28th level light show, and shock grenades at level 34-light show.

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