Contra Returns Mobile Game Getting Worldwide Release

Contra Returns Mobile Game May Be Getting a Worldwide Release

According to a tweet from developer TiMi Studios, the mobile version of the iconic 90s game “Return of Souls” may soon be released globally, or at least a wider version. “Contra” was originally released in China in 2017 and then in Taiwan in 2018. Then, the English version of the game was released in Southeast Asian countries later in 2018. Now that the game’s release version seems to be getting wider and wider, the developer is seeking feedback from the franchisee to make it at its best.

TiMi Studios tweeted that “Contra Return” has been played in many very successful places in the world, and after its success, the developer plans to release a “wider version.” The studio does not share a timetable for when the game will be released and where the game can be used.

The gameplay of “Contra Return” is almost the same as the original game of the 90s. It has adapted to mobile devices and is played like most other sliding games. It is currently listed as Garena Contra Return in the Google Play store, but it is not available for download in India. TiMi Studios collaborated with Garena and Tencent to release the game in 2017, and will likely continue this partnership to push the game to other parts of the world.

In addition, the developers have asked fans to give them some feedback to help improve the game. From the survey, it seems that they want to understand the market of the game and the type of people and equipment they will play. This will help developers adapt the game to their audience.

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