FAU-G: Fearless and United Guards Game

The new trailer also has “FAU-G” or military tracks. In addition, Punjab also had some conversations. What is interesting is how to look at gameplay and the language used to make it more attractive.

FAU-G Episode 1

The trailer provides us with the opportunity to watch Ladakh episodes. In this case, Indian soldiers fought with soldiers of the People’s Liberation Army. The new trailer also has “FAU-G” or military tracks. In addition, Punjab also had some conversations. It will be interesting to know which language will be used in the game. Use the assault rifle in the trailer to see the Indian soldiers. The first trailer for the game was released in Dussehra last year and included a glimpse of the Galvan Valley plot. The previous harassment only showed direct combat and no weapons were found.

FAU-G can be pre-registered in the Google Play store. Once users have pre-registered, they can be notified when the game is available for download. There are soon signs that it will be fully launched on Android, and Apple’s version has not been confirmed. Earlier, there was news that the FAU-G game will be released in November, but players have been waiting longer.

FAU-G: In the past few months, due to the reaction to PUBG, Fearlessness and the United States Joint Guard have attracted a lot of people’s welcome in India. PUBG has even banned the use of India-specific products for its large Indian user base. Still preparing after application. Association with China Tencent Games.

FAU-G News:

The brand ambassador of the game is Bollywood veteran actor Akshay Kumar, who is also known for acting in action movies. Prior to the release, nCore Games co-founder Vishal Gondal explained in a previous interview with indianexpress.com that the game has been on the market for some time and should not be compared with PUBG.

Unlike PUBG, FAU-G has a plot/task instead of the battle royale mode that has been particularly popular over the years. The game was originally scheduled to be released in the third quarter of 2020, but it was delayed for a few months. After the game is released on Republic Day, users can pre-register the game in the Google Play store.

Earlier in December 2020, registration for the game has also started. FAU-G completed more than 1 million pre-registered records in just 24 hours. Soon after banning PUBG, the first-person shooter (FPS) was announced. The popular game was withdrawn from the Play Store, and as the demand for local apps increased, FAU-G became popular before it was released.

FAU-G is one of the most anticipated action games of 2020. Game fans will be able to wait for the action game on FAU-G on January 26. FAU-G will be released in India. On this Republic Day. The game has been pre-registered for a long time.

Where is PUBG Mobile India?

Other rumors and reports indicate that PUBG Mobile India will take some time to launch in India. This is because the Indian government must first ensure that the game meets all the issues raised during the ban.

PUBG Mobile India’s release or release date has not yet been officially confirmed. PUBG Corporation is working hard to bring PUBG Mobile back to the game fandom. Last year, together with other Chinese, the game of Royal War was banned in the country. The company also revealed that the game will return to India in the form of PUBG Mobile India. Will be designed according to the requirements of Indian companies and governments

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