Hitman 3 DLC is definitely coming soon

Hitman 3 DLC is definitely coming, Confirm by IO Interactive

The Killer Trilogy has been completed, and a new James Bond game (or “Trilogy”) is being developed, but the developer IO Interactive has not yet completed it on Agent 47. Executive producer Forest Swartout Large told Gamers that the “Hitman 3” DLC will be available soon, although the exact format is still unclear.

Large said: “We will definitely do some DLC, but we have not yet defined what it is. He said: I don’t think we are currently studying new maps such as banks and islands.

We think more about using existing locations and reimagining them and distorting them. This time, we can use the entire trilogy. We can review the Hitman 2016 map, the Hitman 2 map-we have all the locations .

Large also hinted (hereby, not surprisingly) that some pranksters after Agent 47 hitman 3 are back, saying: We have been studying killers, so we are already looking to the future.

It is not surprising that IO Interactive can keep Hitman 3 wheels turning. As we said earlier this week, this is very popular, not only a critical game, we also call it the studio’s “most creative and surprising assassination simulation game to date, for the already existing And for the game series developed by it, this is a feat. The studio) has a history of more than 20 years, but it is also true in business: the game paid for itself and turned into profit in just a week.

IO has previously confirmed that  The Goal of Hide and Seek will return to the market in Hitman 3, but some changes in the formula have not yet been discovered, and these “reimagined” levels may be suitable.

To delve into the work of creating Agent 47’s latest and greatest adventure, be sure to review our production process for the invisible masterpiece “Hitman Trilogy”; if it is different, please take some time to witness Hitman’s rejoicing The glory hit the man, from cheeseburgers to shells. Believe me, it’s worth your time.

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