launch WWE Racing Showdown mobile game

Digital entertainment and gaming companies JetSynthesis and WWE have announced the launch of the new mobile game WWE Racing Showdown in India. The game can now be downloaded for free on iOS and Android devices.

WWE Racing Showdown is a vehicle fighting game that combines mobile action, sports and racing, allowing players to choose from a list of WWE superstars and legends, including Roman Reigns, Undertaker, John Cena, Jinder Mahal, etc.

In the game, players can perform WWE finishing actions on a custom bike at high speed, and ride in unique racing modes such as The Last Man Standing, Money in the Bank, Racing Fight and Rupture Rampage Signature dominate.

WWE Superstars bikes (including choppers, cruisers and off-road vehicles) pass through a unique track, and also experience the voice and commentary of WWE superstars and legends.

We are very happy to launch WWE Racing Showdown together with WWE, which is the first car fighting game of its kind. Inspired by WWE live TV shows, super-large superstar roster, exciting game modes and profound gameplay full of exciting action sequences, WWE Racing Showdown will bring joy to WWE fans and mobile gamers.

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