Minecraft PE v1.16.201.01 Now launch

Minecraft PE v1.16.201.01 Now launch

Minecraft PE v1.16.201.01 is a full version that can receive global Nether updates on your Android operating system. This version is now available, which contains many interesting adventures and survival content.

The developers of Mojang added a menu for selecting emotions and introduced the creation of mysterious biomes, horror and magical creatures, dark iron ore that enhances diamond items, random structures, and many other innovative generations that every player will love  , Because you don’t need it now.  play special plugins and modifications to add similar adventures.

As you know, Microsoft hired two teams to develop and test changes simultaneously, which allowed us to develop new updates very quickly, and only 8 months later did we get some global updates: Bees Update and Nether Update.  Since February 2020, developers have been actively collecting data about faults and errors in the code, so it is now one of the most consistent MCPE versions.

Release Date: December 15, 2020

The latest version: full version

Platform: Android, Windows 10, Xbox One

Features of Minecraft PE 1.16.201

Minecraft PE

Players can now use a special GUI to show some emotions.  Some emotions will be rewarded, but some basic actions can thank the player or show other emotions.

Minecraft PE New Updates 

In the Netherlands and the upper world, you can learn how to create an accidentally broken portal, which can be completed and quickly transmitted to the Nether!  Various blocks will appear near the destroyed portal-obsidian, weeping obsidian, magma blocks, gold blocks, various stones and boxes containing various random springs.

Hoglins couldn’t afford to transmit to the upper world, and turned into a mutated zombie animal.

Minecraft v1.16.201 for Android is a game in which you can play the roles of architect, builder, explorer, hunter, farmer and researcher. Minecraft for Android, you can check it out below.  The application will make it possible for you to enter a completely destructive world, you can rebuild it at will. 

Collect building materials to build and equip houses to make better weapons and armor.  Therefore, on MCPE Android, you can protect yourself from dangerous animals and impenetrable attacks at night, as well as hand tools used to extract underground minerals or cultivate the soil and produce food.

Before purchasing, please check the in-game text and other plug-ins.  You can choose any structure or leather bag, play with it and see what it looks like before you can buy it.  If it is not to buy, then things related to these structures cannot save the world.

Advanced world generator installation.  When creating a world, you can configure the generator in depth: specify biomass size, mountain height, etc.  When creating a flat world, you can specify what it will be.

Coordinates in the pocket map.  These maps show the current coordinates of the player.  It is even more convenient than the coordinates displayed by pressing the F3 key in Java Edition. 


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