The first snapshots of Dota 2 Overwatch

The first snapshots of Dota 2 Overwatch system are here

In the second half of last year, Valve announced that Dota 2 will receive an “Overwatch System” similar to CS:GO. Now, multiplayer games have begun to roll out the first snapshot of the system, and the community has shared a bunch of images from different sides online.

The Reddit Fan Upsign of MOBA pointed out that “Dota 2 now has an Overwatch” and attached a screenshot of the “Review Overwatch Case” (listed below) to illustrate the purpose of the new system. “Overwatch Dota 2 allows the community to organize by providing a way for qualified and experienced community members to view reports of grief or fraud, determine whether the report is legal, and to prosecute criminals when appropriate.” The reviewer can choose Investigate the frequency of the broadcast and review the case.

In addition, Matthew Bailey, chief operating officer of the secret e-sports team, released a series of screens showing different aspects of the system. For example-as you can see below-there is an annotation host that defines the accuracy threshold.

It informs reviewers how to choose the findings regarding guilty, innocent” and “insufficient evidence” such as “fraud, piracy and programming” and “regrettable or insulting behavior. If the reviewer “does not think that he (he) can allocate the appropriate level necessary to make a judgment”, the case shall be closed without providing a judgment.

The final elements of the system appear to be still running and being manipulated, with different versions of screens appearing in Bailey’s photos.

In response to a post on Reddit displaying the “Review Overwatch Case” screen, Dota2devarjef_valve said: “We made an error in some cases that caused it to appear. A new client has just launched and fixed the error. It doesn’t seem to be ready to start yet. Streaming.

There is no word on when the Overwatch system will appear on Dota 2, but when it was announced in October, Valve stated that he was hopefully entering the game as soon as possible Since what we are seeing is a pop-up window, game may not be released soon.

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