Vortex Cloud Gaming Service

Playing more than 200 Playstation and XBOX games on your phone


Play Fortnite, PUBG, Apex or GTA V on your phone
Start cloud gaming now
Have you heard of Google Stadia? Are you looking for a similar app to test if you want to play Fortnite, Apex Legends, LOL, Minecraft and many other games on your mobile, then our service is an ideal option.
Do not spend money on expensive gaming PCs or consoles. You don’t need it anymore! Vortex will do heavy lifting for your device and you can enjoy the game on just about every device.
Turn your everyday devices into cloud gaming PC.
If you are looking for an app similar to Google Stadia, download the Vortex app, create your account and from now on you can play FUN tastic games online.
The Vortex cloud gaming platform will allow you to:
Play pc games on mobile
Play games without any download or update
Access pc games without a computer
Remote Gaming is the Future! Will not be left out!
Is vortex cloud gaming for me you don’t own a gaming PC or console? do not worry! In Vortex, you can access the latest games on every device you want to test services similar to Google Stadia.
How to use Vortex? It’s really easy
Download our application
Create an account and subscribe
Play online on your device

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